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Formula Realty is committed to closing deals through expert negotiating in order to satisfy a large network of buyers, investors, financiers, and realtors in the Florida market. Focused on both affordable and high-end luxury real estate opportunities, we’ve built enriched relationships and an in-depth understanding of the industry and market trends in over 10 years of combined service. We’ve worked with seasoned investors, financiers, brokers, private equity, and private lenders in the industry to evolve as Formula Realty today.
In order to meet the needs and demands of our investors, at Formula Realty we believe a high level of experience and a commitment to excellence is required in order to be a leader. This is how we guide investors in the pursuit for investment properties, the best return on investment, cash on cash transactions, projected returns, broker price option (BPO) certifications, and market analysis reports. Our market analysis model facilitates business integrity in terms of large-scale loans, property management, and rental property. At Formula Realty, we offer dynamic individual and family based solutions and problem responsiveness to accommodate the needs of our clients.
We are a professional boutique-grade team offering enterprise-grade services. You can expect an immediate response, personalized one-on-one service, and a professional experience for your whether buying a new home or seeking the best sales opportunity. Whether you seek an active investment in the market, additionally diversity in your portfolio, new primary residence, or need to sell your current home to complete a transition; Formula Realty is ready to meet your needs in Miami, The Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and the greater Florida area.
Producing you the real estate services that go beyond just sales, we’re the complete Formula for home buying success.

Miami is rising as a number one Florida city for high-end net worth investors. With an expanding annual population, Miami is fast becoming a destination for affluent global entrepreneurs. Perfect year-round temps, relaxing beach life, five-star cuisine, and ongoing progress make this cultural mecca a choice location for your next home.

Miami is cited as one of the three most desirable worldwide cities for real estate, with aggressive expansion and high values projected into the future. As the economy continues to improve, median incomes are rising. Now is the perfect time to invest, while vacancy rates are still low and before prices begin to surge.

Make Miami your next destination, and let Formula Realty be your guide.

Often called “paradise on earth,” the Florida Keys is famous for world-class fishing and diving and home to one of the only living US coral reefs. The Florida Keys has forever been a year-around vacation destination, situated along many of the best beaches in the world. There is no shortage of entertainment, sporting events, open-range wildlife, and unlimited land water activities to meet any lifestyle.

The Florida Keys is an excellent choice for vacation property and vacation rentals that show excellent return on investment. Not only that, buyers realizes tax advantages for business startups and established companies. Small communities in coastal-rich locations appeal to both homeowners and vacationers, with schools, hospitals, and an airport close in. Get in on a piece of paradise. Let Formula Realty guide you in finding the perfect Florida Keys vacation property while the market is just right.

Find the best of beaches, boating, and coastal activities in booming Fort Lauderdale. Attracting both local and international markets, this city is growing rapidly in terms of construction and real estate.

Over 32,000 living spaces are planned or are in the pre-sale stage. Tourism is a leading industry in Fort Lauderdale, but the city is attracting investors at an astonishing rate. With expansive oceanfront property still to be developed, now is the time to invest. The price for land is nearly three times lower than nearby coastal cities, and newcomers and residents can’t get enough of Fort Lauderdale’s world-class experiences and attractions.

Fort Lauderdale is a desirable beach town for investors and homebuyers alike. Call Formula Realty today.

West Palm Beach is a destination for golfers, beach lovers, and art enthusiasts, and truly a property investor’s paradise. West Palm Beach draws millions of visitors annually. This beach location attracts not only tourists but also high-tech industries in a continually expanding market. Incoming entrepreneurs are interested in its increasing property values, expanding population, and abundance of cultural diversity. West Palm Beach is a prosperous locale with a surplus of worldwide wealth and capital finding its way here.

The real estate market here shows promise, with continued affordable housing and positive career trends.
An added bonus for investors comes in the form of discounts on distressed or foreclosed properties as a result of past economical downturns. Now is the perfect time to call Formula Realty, before this best kept secret gets out.

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